DIVA305 Graphic Novel


My Beautiful Life by Seongmi Shin

Click the title “My Beautiful Life” to read my graphic novel!


Korea Guide Book


Yeah~ I’m finally done:-) Before starting this project, I thought Indesign would be a lot easier than other programs. So, I thought I could just place images or texts in everywhere I want. However, I had to think really careful about the arrangement. I also had to cautious about the size of the images and texts and the combination of color scheme. Well, I enjoyed this project and finally done. Yeah~ Like I posted before, I changed my concept. My book, Korea Guide Book, illustrates interesting and unique places to go in Korea. If you visit Korea, you must visit those places!!! You won’t regret!!!!!

Click here to see my book 🙂 sshin_Book


[Lady Gaga] Just Dance


omg……I recently found out about her and I think she is so fashionable…..

Her clothes are kind of futuristic but I see her as fashion icon.

There was a Lady Gaga’s concert in Korea so I could see her on Korean Entertainment News program.

I wish I was there :. (

Hope she visit Vancouver and have concert!!!!!


[Process Report]Change of Concept of my Book


Like I planned before, I started laying out with my art pieces and artistic statements.

However, because I used different system which was CS4, it didn’t work on school computer.

So, I decided to start all over again.

I also changed by concept. I will be making a book that tells interesting places to go in Korea.

I hope my work opens next time : )


[Process Report]Concept of my Book


By using In-Design, I am planning to make a Magazine that tells about me and my works.

I will display images of my art pieces and describe about them. As a biography, I will be talking about who I am and what I do.

Throughout this course, I could experience new techinques such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design.

I believe this techniques will be essential for my future career.

Let’s enjoy making Book!!!!

Hope you guys have wonderful time working on this project 🙂


[kambala Phone]Phone, Ear-Phone, Phone



This is a phone designed by Kambala. It is hard to believe that that is actually a cell phone!

It reminds me of real/fake, fake/real project. It is so cool. I wish to design unique item someday lol


Logo n Poster



This is my final poster.It took me so long to finish it  but  I’m finally done!!!


Here is my logo. By circling around the baby with red color, I tried to focus on protecting the baby from smoking.